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&! Kol Eliana;

im ein ani li, mi li?

Journey of a girl through questioning, conversion (?), and beyond.
Apr 17 '14

Dear Roomate, Take EleventyMillionNineHundredTousandandSeven…;

Please do NOT name drop my name when you’re talking to the Rabbi about your sheva brachot, telling him that I was researching for you and then proceeding to relay information that’s not what I told you.


I am really fucking busting my ass over here to make him take me seriously, get through this geirus process and this is NOT going to give the impression I’m going for. He already has his own ideas about where I’m holding and how and where I’ve been learning, for good and bad, but this is not what he needs to be hearing.

He texted, and wants to check in on Sunday morning. Do I say something in my reply to address this?? Argh.

Apr 6 '14



on pesach do u say mezonot over things made with flour substitutes which are not grains (potato starch, ground almonds)?

Mezonos is only for things made of the 5 grains - so even if you use other foods as a substitute for those grains, they would still not acquire the mezonos bracha, regardless of when during the year.

Which is why pesach “cereal” and “pasta” etc are shehakol — some even say it on the box under the hechsher :-)

Can we just talk about pareve pesadik mac and cheese for a second??!??! I just. Guh. People are so wound up about kitniyot but don’t see an issue here??!

Apr 4 '14
Apr 1 '14
We are ready to learn!!

We are ready to learn!!

Mar 31 '14

She’asa li kol tsarki…;

Having one of those happy to be alive moments. Sitting in Jerusalem Cafe eating yummy kosher pizza (what we have in Boston just doesn’t compare), about to hit the TKTS booth so I can get tickets for me and my seminary giyoret-in-arms for tonight.

So much excited. So much love.
She’asa li kol tsarki, b’emet, zeh nachon.

Mar 31 '14

Mevarchim Nisan…;

On the bus on my way to NY for the Elevation Seminar at Ohr Na’avah in Brooklyn — excited to spend tomorrow pretending I’m back in seminary! And for a boost in tefillah for Rosh chodesh. Took out my siddur to say Tefillat haDerech and felt like I was back in Israel (except no driver yelling at me that he is not a bank when I don’t have exact change, or hot berakas from the food court at the takanah haMerkazit).

May you all have a wonderful Rosh chodesh; keep the Pesach prep in perspective remembering that cleaning externally is meant to be a reflection of cleaning mentally and spiritually, and not that the two are mutually exclusive. May your physical actions manifest into thoughts, middot and emunah.

Chodesh tov, lovelies. Sending all my love.

Mar 17 '14


if people could daven for my zayde, Avram ben Freda, that would be very much appreciated.

Mar 17 '14

Prayer Request



I’m driving from south Texas to California tomorrow. Prayers needed for safety and guidance, thanks!

I’ll see if there is a Tehillim for traveling.

Tefillat haDerech!

Mar 12 '14

Reminder: Fast tomorrow


Don’t forget that tomorrow (Thursday) is Taanis Esther! The fast begins at dawn and ends at nightfall. It is permissible to wake up early before the fast starts to eat and drink as long as you had in mind to do so before you went to sleep.

Mar 10 '14

Reblog if you want (1) cute anon message today.

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